an art selfie album by Doxa Nadezha

With Jonny and Ilya at Ruminations of the Midnight Stroll, London

With Angelique at I'm A Freak Because of You, Brussels

With Graznya, Maria-Eve, and Peggy at Propety Park, Hong Kong

With Anna and Irina at SCAMMING, Turin

With Quintessa at Cure Cruelty, Wichita

With Ray at LBH, Moscow

One of the voices
Always angelic - It is about me, -
Sharply expresses itself :

Those thousand questions
Spreading their roots Bring in the end,
Only drunkenness and madness ;
Understand this trick

So gay, so easy :
It is only wave, only flower,
And that is your family !
Then it sings.

O So gay, so easy,
And visible to the naked eye... -
I sing with it, -
Understand this trick

And then a voice
- How angelic it is! -
It is about me,
Sharply expresses itself:

And sings at this moment
Like a sister to breath:
But ardent and full:

The world is vicious;
If that surprises you!
Live and leave to the fire
Dark misfortune.

O! pretty castle!
How bright your life is!
What age do you belong to,
I also sing:

Many sisters! voices
Not at all public!
Surround me
With chaste glory... etc...,

soli deo gloria