Underground Flower

About Orchid Fire Lily Lotus

Underground Flower is an offsite curatorial platform.
Decentralized, we produce exhibitions in unconventional spaces.
Our exhibitions investigate three primary areas:

1. Experimental curatorial practises that disrupt the standard flow of institutional relations and relationships to artifacts. Spontaneous selection (unauthorized image selection based on methods of divination, randomization, synchronicity and ephemeral attractions) and retrocuration (contextualizing disparate images to give the impression of a cohesive "show") are examples of these modes.

2. The liberating potential of a disposable pseudonym. Visibility, of course, is a trap; UF offsites invite artist to work under a false identity of their choosing. This allows us to experiment with ideas that might fall far outside our usual practises.

3. Lightweight, slim, low-cost offsites which still maintain a high standard of formal expression. What is the most basic relation between the site, the artwork, and the documentation? What loopholes might we find between these? Could the art be simply a context clue, or a signpost in a greater relational plot? What kind of sites could be considered an exhibition space?

Underground Flower is open to proposals from both curators and artists of any medium.
Contact: veloveevolve@gmail.com